Greenhill Software

Greenhill Software specialises in productivity tools for specific professional sectors.

We produce desktop programs, add-ins for Microsoft Outlook, web sites, and apps for Windows Phone.

Most of our programs have their own dedicated web site.

Add-ins for Microsoft Outlook

Outlook is a powerful program but some professions have specific needs that are not meet by Outlook's features

To meet these needs we have built Outlook add-ins that run on all version of Outlook from 2000 to 2010.

Print Just 1 If you need to print emails but want to avoid the waste of printing all the previous messages appended to the current messages and tiresome disclaimers then you need this. More details on the web site.
Print for Trial Print for Trial will take an email with an appended chain of previous emails and print them in chronological order.
More details on the web site.
Academic Calendar If you work in a school or college you may find it difficult to enter timetable commitments in your Outlook calendar, especially if you have two-week timetable or other patterns. More details on the web site.

Contact us

Greenhill Software is based at:

The Studio
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You can ring us on

01925 730613

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