Greenhill Software

Greenhill Software specialises in add-ins for Microsoft Outlook to extend its features to meet the requirements of professional groups. Each of our programs has its own dedicated web site.

Print for Trial

Print for Trial, or PfT, allows the user to present an email correspondence in date order, so that it can be read as a narative. This can be essential when such correspondence is presented in evidence in a trial or dispute.

PfT has a range of features and options allowing the production of a hyper-linked document in HTML, Word or PDF format or the files needed to incorporate the email messages into a larger document, sometime referred to as an e-bundle (in UK legal circles at least).

A bundle of documents bound with red ribbon

Print Just1

Print Just 1, or PJ1, allows the user to print just the current message in an email trimmed of all the previous messages that may be appended to it. This applies whether the message needs half a page or several pages.

Its main foucs is on saving paper, ink and time. Options include the abiltiy to automatically "print on send" and "print on receive".

If you have a business requirement for hard copy of emails you will find PJ1 invaluable.

A printer with the number 1

Academic Calendar

Secondary school calendars can be very complex, particularly if you want to include timetabled sessions. Academic Calendar, or ACal, makes it simple to take account of half-term holdays, two week timetables, and a number of other features that would otherwise be very hard to represent in an Outlook Calendar.

ACal can be used by a single teacher managing their own calendar, by a PA managing the calendars of senior staff, or by a network manager managing the calendars of the whole staff across Office 365 or their own instalation of Exchange.

It can handle timetable details imported from SIMS and other school management systems.

A calendar log with the letter A

Greenhill Software is based at:

The Studio
Greenhill Lane
Lower Whitley
Nr Warrington

We have been in business at the above address since 2002.

Phone: 01925 399525